Botanical Science offers meticulously crafted skincare products formulated with the finest ingredients to ensure superior quality and optimal results.  With our wide array of formulas and flexible customizable approach, we have a solution to suit the unique needs of every beauty brand and business, large or small.

Our journey began in 1995, initiated by a team of seasoned professionals armed with extensive knowledge and proficiency in cosmetic chemistry and professional skincare. Since then, Botanical Science has successfully positioned itself as an industry frontrunner, setting the standard for cutting-edge formulations and groundbreaking product innovation.

Botanical Science offers custom formulations and the industry’s largest in-stock collection of private-label skincare products, allowing unparalleled private branding and customization opportunities.  With an expansive range of packaging options readily available, skincare professionals have the freedom to curate a unique product line that truly embodies their brand vision while accommodating their budgetary requirements. In essence, Botanical Science empowers its clients to realize their skincare dreams, enabling them to stand out in a crowded marketplace and forge lasting connections with their customers.

At Botanical Science, we don’t just serve customers – we build partnerships. Anchored by a steadfast commitment to satisfaction, every interaction is tailored to facilitate direct and seamless communication. Our scale is designed to meet diverse product needs, balancing the capability of a large enterprise with the personalized touch of a boutique firm. Each inquiry, every concern, is addressed with speed and precision, underscoring our dedication to your unique needs.

In our eyes, every customer is a valued partner. Our investment in your success is not just professional but personal. We adapt our expertise and abundant resources to fit the distinct needs of enterprises large and small. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about forging enduring relationships characterized by trust, reliability, and impeccable service.

Working with us...

Experience the Botanical Science difference – where every engagement is customer-centric, marked by superior products, immediate assistance, and an unwavering commitment to quality. We’re not just a vendor; we are your ally in success, devoted to propelling your business to new heights. Make the choice for excellence. Choose Botanical Science.

Our Process

At Botanical Science, we pride ourselves on a streamlined process that prioritizes your needs and ensures the delivery of top-notch products that reflect your vision. Count on our team to guide you through each step with dedication and professionalism, turning your skincare dreams into reality.

Pick Your Formula

Choose from a diverse range of products and formulas, tailored to meet your skincare brand’s unique goals and requirements.

Select Your Packaging

Explore a wide-variety of packaging options to find the perfect fit for your skincare, haircare, or bath and body products, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Customize Your Artwork

Infuse your brand’s personality and identity into your product line by creating customized artwork and labels that resonate with your target audience.

Our Options

Private Labeling

Ready to

If you’re in need of fast delivery and the most budget-friendly options, this is the ideal solution for you! Buy our stock formulations just as they are and apply logo labels to your products.

Most Popular

Private Labeling

Custom Full Wrap Label

Our Custom Full Wrap Labels are a customer favorite, providing you with fully customized bottles tailored to your brand’s identity. Simply select one of our products, and we’ll handle the design, packaging, filling, ship directly to you.

Private Labeling

Custom Silk Screen

Silk Screen printing offers a refined and modern aesthetic that immediately grabs consumers’ attention. If you wish to have your custom logo elegantly printed on the bottle, this is the perfect solution for you. Furthermore, it’s a turnkey service, ensuring your product arrives ready for display on store shelves.

Custom Formulation

If you have specific requirements for tailor-made formulas, Custom Formulation is your ultimate solution. We have the capability to meticulously craft custom formulations that precisely meet your needs. Every aspect, from the formula to the packaging, is fully adaptable – our goal is to create a product that embodies your brand.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing provides you with the capability to outsource the production of your products to experts, ensuring cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes while maintaining strict quality control standards. Whether you require large-scale production or specialized niche products, Contract Manufacturing streamlines your production, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the manufacturing aspect.

Our Focus

At Botanical Science, our unwavering commitment has always been, and will continue to be, the creation of truly effective products. We place paramount importance on producing products that deliver tangible results. Our formulations inspired by nature and formulated through scientific expertise.